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Welcome to the WCH Volunteer page

Women and Children's Horizons mission is supported by many community volunteers. Volunteers are an essential component of WCH and we value the contributions of time and effort of each one of our volunteers.

WCH Volunteer needs

Women and Children’s Horizons has many different volunteer needs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information regarding volunteer opportunities please contact WCH Volunteer Coordinator Linda Baumeister at 262.656.3500 ext. 102 or email Linda at

Volunteers Advocates Needed- Training July 14, 2007

Women and Children’s Horizons will begin their summer advocate training on July 14, 2007. Advocates will work closely with victims at the hospital, law enforcement agencies, at the shelter and with the children. A background check is required. Training will be on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm and Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm. Training will continue until 08-11-07. Anyone interested in helping make a difference in a life and getting involved with the community contact Linda Baumeister at 656-3500 for more information.

Children Volunteering to support WCH

Women and Children's Horizons recognizes the value and importance of children learning to volunteer and share at a young age. We are always amazed and inspired by the creativity and genuine dedication to service these young people have. For stories of children's volunteerism to WCH click here.

WCH Direct Service Volunteer needs:

Women and Children's Horizons, Inc. (WCH) is looking for volunteers to provide advocacy for survivors, families, and children who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Volunteers are wanted to assist clients at hospitals, and law enforcement agencies, assist children who are in shelter by providing care, tutoring or chaperoning for outside activities, or simply by being there to listen to a child; and to assist shelter staff by interacting with families. WCH will provide training. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Linda Baumeister, Volunteer Coordinator, at 262-656-3500.

WCH Outreach Volunteer needs:

Women and Children’s Horizon’s, Inc. (WCH) is seeking volunteers to help with outreach and fundraising activities. Outreach volunteers hand out informational brochures at fairs and expos and answer basic questions regarding WCH’s services. Volunteers are also needed to help with the annual Mardi Gras and other fundraising opportunities throughout the year, such as selling raffle tickets, helping with silent auction items and soliciting donations. WCH will provide training. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Linda Baumeister, Volunteer Coordinator, at 262.656.3500 ext.102.

If you are interested in learning more about WCH's upcoming Golf Outing, click on the golf ball. Volunteers are still needed. To volunteer contact Linda Baumeister at 262.656.3500 ext. 102 or email Linda

WCH Volunteer of the Quarter- Nina Tracy

Nina Tracy has volunteered for Women and Children's Horizons since 2004. She is employed full time as a supervisor at Kenosha County Child Support Unit and is also a mother. Nina once wrote a letter about why she continues to act as an advocate. She does this because of the violence and pain victims face. Though, when you speak with Nina about all she has done, she always feels she can do more and strives to help whenever and where ever she can.

Nina has been WCH Volunteer of the Year and outside agencies have cited her as going beyond the expectation of an advocate. The quality she brings to WCH is patience, helpfulness, knowledge and compassion. Erma Bombeck once said "Volunteers are the only human being on the face of the earth who reflect the nation's compassion, unselfishness, caring, patience, need and just plain loving one another." This is true of Nina.

Quad Quilters of Western Kenosha & Racine Counties
The Quad Quilters is a group of dedicated women from four Catholic churches in Western Kenosha and Racine Counties who's passion for quilting and desire to help others has led to the group to quilt in support of local non-profits and humanitarian causes. The Quad Quilters have been quilting in support of WCH for nearly 2 years now and have recently finished their goal of providing quilts for all the beds in WCH's shelter. Below is a picture of one of quilts that will help make WCH's shelter more like home to the residents. Thank you Quad Quilters for your incredible talent and sincere dedication to WCH's mission. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with you.

Sisters Pat Murray and Kathy Frederick of the Quad Quilters. Pat made the final journey and brought all the quilts to WCH.

Mission Statement
"The mission of Women and Children's Horizons is to provide support, education, training and healing for victims of sexual and domestic violence/abuse."

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