Batterer’s Treatment

The Circle of Change is a 28-week program for men and women who have used violence in their relationships and wish to change. The program is offered in both men’s and women’s groups and is held weekly at the Women and Children’s Horizons administration building. Sessions are two hours long. Referrals for the program can come from various sources, including courts, the department of corrections, clergy, private therapists, defense attorneys, child protective services, social workers, friends, and individuals who recognize their own abusive behavior and want to change.


Group sessions cover a variety of topics related to relationships and violence. Topics include understanding what constitutes violence, the difference between abuse and respectful communication, managing conflict, sexual respect and intimacy, ending relationships respectfully, the effects of violence on victims and children, modeling respect and empathy for children, accountability, jealousy, anger, dishonesty, self-care and stress management, and redefining masculinity.


If you are interested in learning more about the Circle of Change program, please contact the Prevention Services Coordinator at 262-656-3500, extension 113.


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