Emergency Shelter

Women and Children’s Horizons (WCH) has been providing a safe haven for victims and child witnesses of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking through their emergency safety shelter since 1976. The shelter, which can accommodate up to 25-35 individuals, is open 24/7 and provides a place for victims and their children to stay for up to 30 days. Each year, the shelter supports over 300 women and children by offering 6,000 nights of shelter and 10,000 hot meals.


During their stay, victims receive support and education to help them rebuild their lives and develop daily living skills. Advocates also assist with goal and safety planning and provide referrals to other community service providers as needed. The ultimate goal of the emergency safety shelter is to help victims of domestic and sexual violence stay safe and become self-sufficient.


There is no cost to stay at the shelter, regardless of your income. 


For those needing shorter stays or assistance with hotels, we are here to help.


Call our office at 262 656 3500 or our 24-hour hotline at 262 652 9900 for details.


Help Line 262-652-9900

Help Line (toll free) 800-853-3503 

Administration 262-656-3500

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