Sexual Assault

To speak with an advocate immediately, please call:

mobile users tap the phone number to call

262-652-9900 or 800-853-3503

Point your phone’s camera at this code to get immediate help

What is Sexual Violence?

 Sexual violence is any act (verbal and/or physical) that breaks a person’s trust and/or safety and is sexual in nature. Victims/survivors of sexual assaults are forced, coerced, and/or manipulated to participate in unwanted sexual activity. It is also sexual assault if one or both parties are under the age of consent

    Did you Know?

    • 33% of sexual assaults occur when the victim is between the ages of 12-17.
    • Females comprised 82% of all juvenile sexual assault victims.
    • Approximately 22% of victims are raped by intimates such as current or former dating partners, 47% by acquaintances, and 2% by other relatives.
    • 69% of teen sexual assaults reported to law enforcement occurred in the residence of the victim, the offender, or the residence of another individual
    • 42% of girls younger than 15 years reported that their first intercourse was nonconsensual.


    It can be sexual assault even if…

    • The couple is married, dating, or has had sex before.
    • The person agrees to sex at first and changes their mind even in the middle of the act.
    • The victim has been drinking or using drugs.

    It is important to ASK every time. Only “yes” can mean yes. Just because someone does not say no does not mean they want to have sex.

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