Wish List

Shelter Pantry Needs:

  • Fresh meats (turkey, ham, ground beef, lunch meat, etc.) Milk, juice, bread, eggs.
  • Non perishable foods: canned meats (tuna or chicken), canned veggies and fruit, pasta, cereal, rice, beans, hamburger/tuna helper, pancake mix, biscuit mix, granola bars, cookies, juice, beef stew, chili, soups,jelly.
  • Cleaning supplies: liquid laundry detergent, disinfectant wipes & sprays, mops, buckets, brooms, rags/sponges.
  • Paper Products: toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, kleenex, napkins, & garbage bags.
  • Personal Care: feminine products, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razors, shaving cream, hand soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, floss.
  • Hair products:  hair spray, gel, mousse, hair ties, headbands, hair clips, and African-American hair products, bristly burshes, hair grease.
  • First Aid: band-aids, anti-biotic cream, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, gauze, Children’s Tylenol/Advil, allergy and cold medicines for adults and children.
  • Latex and non-latex gloves for cleaning
  • Diapers: especially larger sizes

Shelter Needs:

  • Plastic mattress covers (Twin)
  • Twin sheets, blankets, and comforters***
  • Small 3-5 drawer plastic storage bins
  • Plastic ware (cups, plates)
  • silverware
  • Pots/pans/utensils/cookware
  • Gas, phone, and grocery cards***
  • NEW Women and children’s underwear, bras and socks (birth to adult)
  • Long underwear all sizes
  • Plus size and tall women’s clothes
  • Snow boots for kids all sizes
  • Winter coats for children and adults (especially plus and tall sizes)
  • School supplies (all ages)
  • Socks and slippers (adults and children)
  • Pajamas for women, children, and teen
  • Nightlights
  • Vinegar
  • Pillows & pillow protectors***



Other Needs:

  • Multi purpose paper
  • Gift cards to Office Max or Best Buy to purchase printers and or ink.
// margin repair